Fire Surrounds and Hearths

DRU hearths and fire surrounds create a stylish, beautiful finish and are available for nearly all our models. Contemporary or classic, we have the right combination for each and every interior. In addition, all hearths and fire surrounds exactly match the dimensions of the corresponding DRU fire.

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Stone type and treatment

The fire surrounds and hearths are made from specially selected stone types.  

Natural stone will always provide you with a unique hearth or surround. This means that in one single block of natural stone, clear colour and structural differences will be discernible. The shape, colour and structure can vary for each surround model. So, the one in your home will be totally unique. 

Various treatments are available, for example high gloss or matt.


What makes a DRU hearth or fire surround so unique? Apart from its standard range, DRU also offers bespoke peices. In other words a hearth or surround made entirely to your wishes in a one-off size, stone type or treatment. In this way you'll be sure of a hearth or surround that matches your fire.

Bespoke pieces are possible at very affordable prices and acceptable delivery times. Your DRU dealer will be happy to advise you further.