DRU hole-in-the-wall gas fires UK. Stylish, comfortable and efficient.

DRU Fires manufacture hole-in-the-wall gas fires for the UK that can be installed regardless of whether the home has a chimney.

In recent years, there has been a move away from traditional open inset fires in the UK towards hole-in-the-wall fires that are installed higher up the chimney. The flame picture is usually wider and more impressive than an ordinary gas fire and is visible at eye level when you are sat in your armchair during the long winter evenings. The experience of a hole-in-the-wall fire can even be enjoyed in spring and autumn, when the UK evenings become a bit chilly

There are many varying types of DRU hole-in-the-wall gas fires that are made for the UK home. All fires have a glass window and are operated by remote control, but there the likeness ends. One of the main categories of hole-in-the wall gas fires made by DRU are balanced flue fires. These include frameless models such as Venteo, Scenic and Excellence that are both uncomplicated yet eye-catching to behold.

Other hole-in-the-wall gas fires, such as the Global 40 and the Metro 100, are designed to fit perfectly into the standard UK chimney. They have frames in a variety of interesting metallic or wood veneer finishes that enhance the flame effects of the fires perfectly. There are fire bed options of logs, twigs or stones and interiors such as polished steel or rustic brick effects. In addition, they can be combined with some modern or traditional fire surrounds to create the look of a classic British fireplace.

It all adds up to an almost unlimited number of design choices to complement your own interior decoration.

Most of the DRU hole-in-the-wall gas fires can be run on either natural gas or LPG and they have very high efficiency, so as well as looking good, they can also contribute towards a reduction in your home heating bills.

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